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Below you will find all the information you need on our
services, fees and timeline.

If you are ready to sign up, start by completing the questionnaire below:

Thank you for considering Leverage Legal Group to assist you in filing a trademark application, which will give you what you need to use the mark exclusively and protect your trademark in the US. We would love to assist you!

The following services are included in our Starter Trademark Application Package flat-fee:

  1. Research to make determination of the availability of mark*;

  2. Analysis of research and recommendations about availability of mark or needed


  3. Drafting and Filing of Your Trademark Application;

  4. Tracking Your Trademark Application;

  5. Responding to non-Substantive (or procedural) Office Actions**; and

  6. Sending you your Trademark Registration Certificate.


**Substantive Office Action responses are an additional fee and are not included in this flat-fee. Additional services such as future additional registration applications, research, renewals, monitoring services, assignments, and other services may be completed under separate engagement and fee. We will advise you of the additional services necessary as applicable to your situation. Additional program fees and USPTO filing fees are necessary to maintain your registration long-term after the registration process in most situations, but will vary according to your individual needs.


Our trademark application package fee is $1500 for one trademark application, not including filing fees. We charge you initially for one class of goods/services. If you need more than one class of goods or services in your application, there will be additional USPTO filing fees, which we will invoice you for later.

Many of our clients need more than one trademark, because they want to get registration in both the word mark and their logo. Unfortunately, the USPTO will not allow us to combine those into the same application, so filing for registration for both would require two separate applications with the associated fees for each. We provide a discount if you sign up for and pay for two registrations at the same time, so in that case the total fee for two applications would be $2700, not including USPTO filing fees.

However, if your logo is just the stylized version of your word mark with no other design elements, we can apply the research for your word mark to your logo mark also, so your fee for the second application for the logo for just filing and no research would be $750 (not including USPTO filing fees), making your total for the two applications $2250 ($1500 + $750) not including USPTO filing fees. USPTO filing fees are between $250-$350 per class of goods and services. We will have you pay for one class per application to start, and if you end up needing more than one class (something we will find out during our research), we will invoice you later for those additional class fees.

Here is the timeline you can expect from here:

Step One:

Complete our trademark order form and questionnaire below. Please also confirm for us that you have photos of your goods/services with your mark permanently affixed to them (that can include screenshots of your website showing the mark on it). You can email them to

NOTE: “Permanently Affixed” is defined as follows: a brand name printed on packaging would be considered permanently affixed. A sticker would not be considered permanently affixed branding as it can be added after production.Some products cannot be permanently affixed, like furniture or jewelry. In these cases, the packaging must show evidence of the brand being permanently affixed upon it. Other products, like phone cases or clothing, can have branding on the products themselves. On clothing, the mark should be in the label on the back collar where the fabric and sizing information is usually found, or it can be on a hangtag, or product packaging. NOTE: Placing a large version of your logo on the front of a shirt or hoodie as decoration of that item is not considered use as a trademark.

If you are not currently using your mark yet (not making sales - maybe you are in product development or have not launched your products or services yet), we can still file under an Intent to Use, and recommend that you do in order to get your trademark application process started with the USPTO. We will provide you with information on the Intent to Use process as we get started with your work. Note: There are some additional fees associated with an Intent to Use filing that come later down the road (in 12 months at the earliest).

Step Two:

Sign our Engagement Agreement (you will be emailed a link to access it).

Step Three:

In order to fully launch your trademark application package, you will also need to pay your fee in full in advance. As outlined above:

For one trademark application (in either a word mark or logo mark), the fee is $1500 + $350 USPTO filing fee for one class of goods = $1850

For two trademark applications (one word mark and one logo, or two word marks, etc...), the fee is $1350 + $350 filing fee x 2 for two applications = $3400

For one word trademark application and an additional application in a logo that is just the stylized version of the word mark (no additional design elements), the total fee is $2250 + $350x2 filing fees = $2950


The minimum you should pay is $1850 (for our fee for one application and the $350 USPTO fee for one class of goods).


You can pay the fee here: 


In the description box, please provide write your business' full name, or your full name if you don't have an entity so we can link your payment to your file. NOTE: We cannot begin any work on your file until this fee is paid in full.

We will invoice you separately for any additional USPTO filing fees once we complete your research and determine how many classes you will need in your application.

Step Four:

We will conduct our trademark search and send you our research report and recommendations, typically within 5-7 business days of receiving your payment and signed Engagement Agreement.

Step Five:

You will review our research report and recommendations. If you want us to prepare the filing, please confirm the accuracy of the filing details in our report and send us an instruction to prepare your application.

Step Six:

We will prepare the application for your review and signature, and we will send you a link to the application with instructions on how to review and sign it. If you need to pay for additional classes, we will invoice you at this time.

Step Seven:

Once the invoice is paid and you sign the application, we will submit your filing and filing fees to the USPTO.

Step Eight:

We will send you a confirmation of your filing, and will be in touch in 8-10 months, as soon as we hear from the USPTO after they review your application!

I look forward to working with you!


Jessica Eaves Mathews, Founder and CEO Leverage Legal Group LLC

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