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How to Avoid Liability and Ensure Your Website is ADA Compliant
with Jessica Eaves Mathews, Esq.

The Americans With Disabilities Act (The ADA) requires all businesses to make sure their websites are ADA-compliant and provide equal access to people with disabilities. And in recent years, more and more small business owners are being sued for a failure to comply, even if they didn't realize they needed to. These lawsuits are brought by individuals with disabilities, disability advocacy groups, or even the Department of Justice, and as a business owner,  you could end up on the hook for hefty financial settlements, court-ordered remedies or damages, and legal fees and costs. This is something that no business owner can afford to ignore.

This free webinar will give you vital information on what the ADA requires of every website, and how to get into compliance as soon as possible. We will discuss the potential liability you face in terms of dollar amounts and other risks. And I will give you an easy to implement solution that will all but eliminate this risk from your business.

Register for the webinar below, and make sure you share this registration page with all your friends, family and colleagues who might be unaware of their exposure to liability because of their business websites.

I want to know how to avoid ADA litigation and liability over my website. Sign me up!

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