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Have You Lost Your Trademark Rights Without Knowing It??

If you don’t monitor your mark(s) on a regular basis, you could be at risk for losing your trademark rights. That means you might be forced to stop using your trademark and branding using that mark, like logos, websites, printed materials, social media accounts, etc... And it also means, you could have to rebrand everything, and retrain your client or customer base to find you under the new brand. All of that would be extremely expensive and stressful.

We don’t want to see that happen to you, especially because most business owners don’t realize that is an obligation they have, and they don’t know they could lose their rights if they don’t do that kind of monitoring.

To make sure our valued clients are protected, we created an annual trademark monitoring service that handles that for you for one low, flat-yearly fee, so you don’t have to worry about it and can get on with growing your business.

Consider it a gym membership for your trademarks (but one you actually use).

Set up a free consultation call with us to discuss the details and pricing of this program:


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